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COVID Guidelines

Cedar Crest Camp

Updated April 26, 2021

Numbers indicate tiers of activity undertaken by camp.


  1. Vaccinations- Full time staff, Program Staff, Summer Staff, Seasonal Staff, Volunteers to be completed by end of April.  April 10 note: all full time staff, program staff, and 6 summer staff fully vaccinated.

  2. Decrease capacity of camp; June is 50% capacity; July is 65% capacity.  Max total of 50 persons including staff in June / 80 in July

  3. “Healthy Living” Covenant (for staff) / Contact/Symptom Tracing for campers and their households and contacts prior to camp experience.

  4. Temperature taken by everyone on arrival at camp.  Any temperature will be a reschedule for camp experience for everyone involved.

    1. All temperatures will be recorded in camp log.

  5. Temp Campers every morning

    1. If a temp above 100.4 is recorded, then camper will isolate, temperature checked every two hours; If no symptoms and fever free after two temp checks then they can resume activity

  6. Symptoms:  Spiked Fever, Coughing, Soreness, General Malaise (fever presumed)

    1. Quarantine the cabin; Cecil Lodge will be available for quarantine if necessary.

    2. Contact symptomatic camper’s family- follow up contact tracing, check symptoms in their circle.  Camper goes home if symptoms persist

    3. Contact asymptomatic camper’s families- make them aware of the situation.

    4. Staff Symptoms (which would likely include fever):

      1. Contact the parents immediately/ quarantine the campers

      2. Staffer will go get tested immediately.

  7. Cabin cleaning/bathroom cleaning daily/ all trash taken out daily.

  8. Masks will be worn if situation necessitates between quarantined groups.

  9. Sanitizing stations will be present in the dining hall, cabins, and restrooms.


Information gathered from American Camp Association, CDC, and local healthcare experts.

Questions?  Please contact Cedar Crest Director Russell Casteel at

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